Forest Clay ethically collaborates with artists from over 45 countries to get the highest quality seeds, soil, and growing conditions. We understand that in these kinds of intimate collaborations, every detail counts.

The Unique Properties of Forest Clay

When it comes to planting, cultivating, and collecting their essential oils, Forest Clay is incredibly picky whereas their competitors often cut corners or try to "extend" pure oils by adding cheaper substances.

Finding the Best Growing Areas for Plants

Forest Clay gets essential oils from all over the world to collaborate with dedicated partners and provide optimal growth conditions. Forest Clay genuinely offers Earth's finest offerings, with an ever-expanding product selection that now features more than 170 origin essential oils derived from more than 45 countries.

While a firm of Forest Clay's size may be tempted to take up enormous tracts of land and crank out oils in bulk, the company instead relies heavily on the experience of local farmers, many of whom have been tending essential oil plants for generations. By enlisting their services, Forest Clay is able to sustain thousands of employment around the world and do so in a socially responsible manner.

Unique and Delectable

Through its vast network of sourcing partners, Forest Clay is able to create customized oils and blends that maintain the integrity and efficacy of each plant ingredient. Forest Clay's single oils and oil mixes are 96% unique, giving customers a taste of something truly unusual and unique.

Forest Clay is selective about the sites it partners with to source its essential oils because it wants to have a positive impact on all fronts (economic, social, and environmental) without compromising on quality.

Forest Clay is in a special position to construct and promote ethical supply chains that help rural populations in need because many of our essential oils grow best in poor nations.

Farmers, harvesters, producers, and distillers of essential oils in impoverished areas are often compensated unfairly or taken advantage of, preventing them from lifting themselves out of poverty. Co-Impact Sourcing supplies the resources to aid in the eradication of poverty and the growth of local economies. When conducting business in third-world countries, Forest Clay follows additional Sourcing Guiding Principles.