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Forest Clay

Guaiacwood Oil Bulnesia sarmientoi

Guaiacwood Oil Bulnesia sarmientoi

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Guaiacwood essential oil is steam distilled from the heartwood of Bulnesia sarmientoi trees. It has a sweet, earthy aroma.

Throughout the centuries, Native Americans have used guaiacwood for meditation and wellness ceremonies, and the oil is commonly used in perfumery and skincare. Steam-distilled from Bulnesia sarmientoi tree heartwood, Guaiacwood essential oil has a earthy, grounding aroma with a subtle sweetness. The Guaiacwood blend with Fractionated Coconut Oil can be used topically as well as aromatically. Its woody aroma provides a calming, tranquil atmosphere.

As a result of our partnership with our sourcing partner, we are changing the future of the at-risk Gran Chaco Forest in Paraguay, one of the world's most biologically diverse regions.

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