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Tangerine Oil Citrus reticulata

Tangerine Oil Citrus reticulata

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The Organic Tangerine Essential Oil is made from the fruit peels of Tangerine through a process called cold pressing. It is completely natural and free from chemicals, preservatives, or additives. With a refreshing citrus odor similar to Orange, it has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicines. This essential oil is perfect for aromatherapy, as it instantly calms the mind and soothes the nerves.

Buy Pure Tangerine Essential Oil for making Perfumes, Soap Bars, Scented candles, Colognes, Deodorants, and more. It blends easily with a wide range of essential oils and is delivered in standard packaging to ensure its purity. As it is highly concentrated, it is recommended to dilute it before applying or massaging on the skin. A patch test on the arm is advised for those with sensitive skin.

The organic Tangerine essential oil has antibacterial properties, making it effective in keeping disease-causing bacteria at bay when diffused. It is also widely used in cosmetic products due to its numerous nutritional benefits. Some of the key uses, benefits, and features of this essential oil include its ability to energize the body and soul.

Tangerine Essential Oil Uses

  • Pain Reliever Products - Massage on sore or tense muscles, muscle spasms, and cramps for relief.
  • Aromatherapy Oil - Diffuse or add to a vaporizer for a calming effect on stress and restlessness.
  • Hair Growth Products - Regular use promotes shiny and strong hair growth.
  • Surface Cleanser - Add to surface cleaning sprays for enhanced cleansing and a fresh scent.
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