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Wintergreen (Nepalese) Oil

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Wintergreen Essential Oil or Gaultheria Essential Oil is extracted from the leaves of the Wintergreen plant. This plant is predominantly found in India and across the Asian continent. Natural Wintergreen Essential Oil is known for its powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties due to which it is used as an active ingredient in numerous pain-relieving sprays and ointments.

Wintergreen oil also repels insects and it is used to make scents and perfumes of different types due to its refreshing and mesmerizing fragrance. We provide premium grade organic Essential Oil that can be used in Skin Care and Cosmetic applications. Its therapeutic benefits make it ideal for aromatherapy and massages as well.

Our natural oil showcases Bactericidal and Fungicidal properties. Therefore, it is completely safe for all skin types but people who have dry and sensitive skin should undertake a patch test before using pure Wintergreen essential oil. Due to its concentrated form, Wintergreen oil should be used in very small quantities and you must avoid consuming it at any cost.


Joint Pain Reliever

Pain and swelling in your joints and muscles can disturb your work and happiness. Massaging the diluted form of our best Essential Oil will provide instant relief from joint pain, swelling, pain, cramps, sprains, and sore muscles.

Supports Digestion

The carminative properties of our natural oil support digestion and provides relief from issues like flatulence, stomach ache, and other digestive problems. Apply wintergreen oil topically on your abdomen to get quick relief from stomach pain.

Scented Candles & Soap Making

Also proves to be an effective emulsifier. You can add a few drops of this oil to your DIY Soap bar, Scented Candle formulation, Cosmetic products, and Skincare products.


The decongestant and antiviral properties of our fresh Wintergreen Essential Oil can be used to heal a cold, cough, and sore throat. It also soothes viral infections and boosts your immunity to fend from viruses and other threats.

Eliminates Germs

Organic Wintergreen Essential Oil can kill the germs that infect your skin and cause rashes or other issues. Therefore, it a couple of drops of wintergreen oil can be added to your body lotions to make them even more powerful and effective.

Hair Care Products

Add some drops of Wintergreen (Gaultheria) Essential Oil in a spray bottle that contains a solution of water and apple cider vinegar. You can use it as a hair rinse to keep your scalp healthy. It also makes your hair soft, smooth, and silky.


Improves Focus

Wintergreen (Gaultheria) Essential Oil can be diffused for improving brain memory and focus. The energizing scent of wintergreen essential oil awakens your mind by eliminating fatigue and boredom. It can prove to be useful for students during their exams.

Calms Nerves

Stress-busting qualities of our natural Gaultheria Essential Oil can be used to calm nerves and proves to be useful for treating anxiety, stress, and hypertension as well. Just diffuse Gaultheria oil and experience its calming and soothing effects on your mind.

Aromatherapy Bath Oil

Give your sore muscles and tired body a reviving and refreshing bath by pouring a couple of drops of our best Essential Oil in a bathtub filled with warm water. It will not only soothe your muscle groups but will also reduce headaches.

Soothes Cold Feet

If your feet are cold and sore, just add a few drops of this oil to a mixture of coconut and peppermint oil. This will provide quick relief from cold feet and it will also reduce the numbness and pain instantly.
Wintergreen (Nepalese) Oil
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