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Frankincense Oil Boswellia Essential Oil

Frankincense Oil Boswellia Essential Oil

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Often called the “king of oils,” topical and internal use of Frankincense provides modern health benefits. It may also provide a soothing aromatic experience.


Explore the legendary qualities of Frankincense in this Around World essential oil. A union of seven Frankincenses grown in various regions throughout the planet, the oil carries a highly concentrated and complex level of anti-inflammatory, grounding, immune-boosting, and relieving therapeutic benefits.

Its aroma possesses a distinct versatility with earthy, resinous, and soft cloud-like notes. Diffuse it to heighten spiritual or meditative practices or dilute and apply it to the skin to promote elasticity and cell turnover. This Around The World oil offers a powerful connection to the divine to help you hold on to a lasting sense of peace.

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