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Forest Clay

Frangipani Oil Plumeria alba

Frangipani Oil Plumeria alba

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Made from the flowers of the Frangipani plant, the Frangipani Essential Oil is known for its refreshing floral scent. It is considered to be a natural Aphrodisiac and it is also used for moisturizing dry and rough skin. Due to its healing capacity, our best Frangipani Essential Oil is also effective when used in Aromatherapy practices. The deep floral scent makes our natural Frangipani Essential Oil perfect for making exotic perfumes that come with a musky undertone. Apart from that, it is used due to its sedative properties and proves to be excellent for your skin due to the rich antioxidants that are present in it.

You can also use it for Scented Candles and Soap Making. We are offering fresh and pure Frangipani Essential Oil that is used in Cosmetic applications due to its nourishing and Anti-aging properties. It is widely used in body lotions, and Face Care applications as well. Our organic Frangipani Essential Oil also exhibits Anti-inflammatory properties due to which it can be used for treating several skin issues.

Frangipani Essential Oil Uses

  • Aromatherapy: Our pure Frangipani Essential Oil relieves your mind from tension, stress, and anxiety. Its soothing and sensual aroma allows you to remain cheerful and energetic which curbs negative thoughts and feelings. It is considered to be useful in aromatherapy when used in different diffuser blends.
  • Diffuser Blend For Stress: People suffering from stress tend to suffer from insomnia as they aren't able to control their thought processes. Inhaling our diffusing our fresh Frangipani Essential Oil will relax their mind and its sedative properties will help them to doze off peacefully.

Frangipani Essential Oil Benefits

  • Aphrodisiac: The deep and invigorating scent of pure oil can be used to instill feelings of passion in your partner. Its natural aphrodisiac properties also increase libido and refresh your mood and spirits instantly. You can diffuse Frangipani oil in an oil diffuser for these benefits.
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